They have all joined us on a live and unrehearsed Hypothetical panel.


That's not to mention...



Each of these brave souls has accepted the challenge to be part of one of our events, despite knowing that they'd have no script and no way of knowing what they might be asked in front of a live audience.


We hail our panellists for their courage and imagination. 
They were all on the tightrope without a net … and lived to tell the tale!



What do panellists do?

Panellists sit on stage and respond to questions by the MC, or the audience.


With no script and no hints about the questions, they must come ready to participate in a public discussion and debate, in the context of the fictional Hypothetical scenario.


Although many of them have relevant expertise and experience concerning the topic, a Hypothetical is all about their ability to creatively engage with a fictional storyline.


So panellists are told that we will not be asking them for factual information or their professional view.


Instead we want their uncensored thoughts about the scenarios posed and their spontaneous ideas in the context of the story.